Rethos | Soap

Protect your skin. Save your money. Support our planet.

Our Soaps Are Designed Responsibly



We believe in a circular economy, where “waste” is repurposed. Our soaps use repurposed ingredients from local businesses: The Juice Truck , Matchstick & Faculty Brewery.

We hand score our bars so that you can snap them into two perfectly handheld portions

Use one.

Keep the other dry for later!


Image by Matthew Tkocz

Save Money

Studies show we use 6 x more liquid soap per use. One of our bar soaps lasts longer than 700ml of liquid soap. We hand scored our bars so you can snap them in two, saving one half while you use the other.


We only use plant derived ingredients. Nothing ever made in a lab. This ensures our soaps are safe for all skin types & safe for the environment.

Facial Wash

Naturally Moisturizing

Glycerin is the moisturizing element in soap that helps keep skin soft and healthy. Many bar soap manufacturers remove this to put it in more expensive products. We do not. 

Local Artisan made

We believe in supporting our local communities and showcasing quality craftsmanship. That’s why we collaborate with local small businesses to share the amazing talent and grow our community together.

Image by Thanos Pal
Image by Brooke Lark

Pure Essential Oils

Essential oils are steam distilled directly from plants for their therapeutic benefits. Fragrance oils on the other hand are created in a lab to mimic the smell but without any of the therapeutic effects.

Organic Oils

Organic is a farming practice that foregoes the use of chemical pesticides & fertilizers. This generates healthier produce as well as healthier soils for biodiversity.

Image by Kyle Glenn

Palm Oil free

Palm oil production is wiping out ancient forests, endangered wildlife and destroying communities. Even “sustainably source” palm oil has its issues. We’d rather not contribute to that.