Consumers now demand responsible products. Superior value. Socially inclusive. Planet positive.

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We help like-mined businesses scale through a model and process that makes being responsible accessible and feasible.

Think responsibly. Build rapidly. Impact radically.

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."

-Henry Ford

But the future isn’t ready yet.

But the future isn’t ready yet.

Rethos Product Design

We’re in the process of designing our very own responsible range. 

Hint, it’ll help keep you fresh!

We can’t wait to share these with you. 

Beneficial. Inclusive. Sustainable.

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To be part of the solution, not the pollution.

Our vision is to create a sustainable world through better business practices by making responsible design accessible & feasible to companies. Together, we can drive a change to a more circular economy.

Reduced fees through leveraging your current teams.

Your internal teams are a wealth of knowledge, capabilities and capacity. By combining our process & expertise with your internal resources we create speed, knowledge transfer & cost saving.

Physical products & services

We specialize in using responsible design to find solutions for the consumer-packaged goods and retail industries. 1. They are two of the most wasteful industries. 2. We used to work here

Longer term innovation strategy with product pipelines.

If it feels like you’re on a hamster wheel of annual innovation cycles, scrambling for innovation concepts. We help focus and align the business on a single innovation platform that feeds products for years.

Innovative prototypes fast.

Speed is more important than ever for businesses. We can complete our process within 2 months. Our responsible design process may be highly considered, but that doesn’t mean slow.

Understand multiple stakeholder impact

Most innovation design processes only consider the consumer. We examine the societal, environmental & longer term impacts in order to unlock more impactful product & service offerings.

We use design sprints to compress months of work into 1 week.


Unlike most design firms, our process is specifically designed for CPG & retail.

CPG + Retail Expertise

We’re set up to host workshops & the process online.

Totally remote

Generate better: consumer feedback, internal buy in & faster product development.

Physical Prototypes vs Paper concepts

We help you design game changing product & teach you the design process.

Process + Product

We leverage your internal teams to keep costs low.


No product

3 cups



2 tbsp.


1½ cups





Citrusy and smoky, gently energizes the mind.

Fresh and herbaceous, boosts a positive mood.

Sweet and Spicy, purifies the skin.

Coffee Grinds

Exfoliate the skin, repurpose waste.

Heading 3

Natural Soap Bars

Real soap


Body wash

Real soap is a combination of a fat, alkali & water, invented as far back as 2800 BC. Real soap is made from only natural ingredients, and is therefore gentle & safe for all skin types. Once we switched, we have not needed to moisturize since.

Body washes are a base of water & chemical surfactants and/or detergents usually combined with oils, moisturisers, fragrances, colourants and preservatives. As your skin is your biggest organ a lot of these synthetic ingredients get absorbed into the body.

Repurposed ingredients


Brand new

Many ingredients are often grown, harvested & transported for a single use. That’s a lot of energy, resources & love. Lots of used ingredients still hold many benefits and repurposing them can be an effective way to reduce waste & increase benefits in other products. Did you know that the antioxidants in coffee actually increase as it brews? 

Our soaps use repurpose ingredients from local businesses such as espresso & tea leaves from  Matchstick, citrus rinds from The Juice Truck & hops from Faculty Brewery.

Ground Coffee
Herbal Oils

Essential oils


fragrance oils

Essential oils are steam distilled extracts from plant material. Many are scientifically proven therapeutic to humans. When you smell essential oils, your brain responds by releasing endorphins (think: feel-good calm!), serotonin (think: boosted mood!), and even noradrenaline (think: stimulating and burst of energy!).

Fragrance oils on the otherhand are synthetically created in a lab to mimic these scents at a lower cost and stronger smell. They don’t however have any therapeutic affects and many have even been proven to have detrimental impacts on our nervous system.

Organic coconut & olive oils


palm oil

Organic is a farming practice that foregoes the use of chemical pesticides & fertilizers. This generates healthier produce as well as healthier soils for biodiversity. We only use organic oils in our soaps so that it can be healthier for your skin & the planet.

Palm oil is well known to be a major cause of deforestation in south east Asia and around the world. However, a recent study has also shown that even palm oil from “certified” sustainable plantations has led to the deforestation of tropical forest. As palm oil is grown in a monoculture this leads to serious loss of biodiversity and even soil erosion. That’s why we refuse to use palm oil at all.

Gourmet Olive Oil
Local Cafe

Local artisan made

We believe it is important to support our local community and businesses. That’s why we teamed up with Rene at Karma Suds who has been making organic soaps for 23 years. Her expertise in crafting soap give you one of the best bars around while you know you are supporting local artisans

Two Dried Leaves

Protect your skin


We use design sprints to compress months of work into 1 week.


Generate better: consumer feedback, internal buy in & faster product development.


Unlike most design firms, our process is specifically designed for CPG & retail.


We leverage your internal teams to keep costs low.


 We’re set up to host workshops & the process online. 


We help you design game changing product & teach you our design process.

Innovation Strategy

We help connect your consumer’s needs to your business issues in order to craft impactful innovation & design strategy.

  • Consumer research & insights

  • Business issues & opportunities

  • Brand strategy & product positioning

Innovation Process

We use a design sprint approach to ideate & prototype solutions. Getting user feedback early to maximize impact & speed to market.

  • Stakeholder management

  • Process implementation

  • Cross-functional engagement

Product Design

We specialize in creating sustainable products with competitive advantage for the CPG & retail industries.

  • Creativity techniques

  • Latest Sustainable knowledge

  • Strategic thinking